Why Trust Better Help Therapy Reviews For Counseling?

Emma Watson | Jun 29th 2022

Better Help is an online platform to make professional therapy accessible to people. To know Betterhelp therapy reviews and rates, you have come at the right spot. So, those who are struggling to have good mental health can read below and gain benefits of all sorts of therapies and healing sessions.

Here, we would be presenting detailed Betterhelp therapy reviews to make it easy for you. So, if you wish to search for anger management therapies, couples therapy and marriage counselling, don’t go anywhere else. If you are about to search ‘therapists near me’ or ‘find a therapist’ on google, please stop! You have your helping buddy, right here. So, scroll below to read the Betterhelp review.

Better Help's Campaign Video: Open Up

Now, the next question is- Why trust Betterhelp counseling reviews? How is Better Help better than others? To know the answer, you need to read this review blog till the end. We would be telling you about its working, Betterhelp rates and its benefits. Also, we would be comparing it, presenting reviews of people and even discussing certain aspects that can get better. So, stick to your screens and keep reading 'Why Trust Better Help Therapy Reviews For Counseling?'

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Traditional v/s Betterhelp Therapy Reviews

Mental health plays a great role in our lives. Thankfully, people have understood this. Today, the whole world is struggling with mental disorders, behavioural disorders, and depression. Do you know appropriate help at the right time can save so many lives? Keeping this in mind, Better Help was initiated to provide immediate support in the form of counselling and therapies to the people. Read below to compare a traditional counselling setup and Better Help.

Source: Better Help
  • Availability: A traditional setup isn’t immediately available. Appointments gulp in time. Here, you have so many options online.
  • Efforts: It takes effort to reach out to professionals physically. People do search ‘psychologists near me’ but end up keeping phones aside.
  • Comfort: With Better Help, it is easy to sit in the comfort of your house and go for online counselling.
  • Professional Help: Also, Better Help makes it easy for you to search for ‘psychologists near me’ digitally. So, your efforts are reduced. Rather than googling and landing up in confusion, Better Help gives better options! Moreover, even professionals suggest this platform. Betterhelp reviews by therapists who have been into the industry for a long time recommend it to the people.
  • User-Friendly Process: Better Help takes responsibility and provides you comfort. No hassle of searching and verifying the counsellors at all!
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5 Things That Make It The Largest Therapy Platform: 'The Ultimate Betterhelp Review'

Out of all the categories, health sector is the most important. And Better Help aims to conquer this sector, by helping humans. It is considered to be the largest therapy platform today. With experienced, licensed, and trained psychologists, its team is highly skilled and trustworthy. This is what makes it a huge therapy platform. Read below 5 things that make it the largest therapy platform. So, here you go with the detailed Betterhelp review-


1. Expert Mental Health Therapists

Betterhelp counseling reviews are amazing! This platform welcomes professional counsellors and therapists to become a part of their families and contribute to bringing a change. However, psychologists are supposed to be highly skilled and experienced.

  • PhD/PsyD Psychologists are considered.
  • Marriage and family therapists (MFT) are more than welcome.
  • LCSW or Clinical social workers and LPC or Licensed professional counsellors are considered.
  • Counsellors need to have a Masters or a Doctorate degree.
  • Certifications by state professional boards are important too.
  • At Least three years and more than 900 hours of experience are important.

Betterhelp Team Reviews : 5 out of 5 Stars for their criteria to choose healers, therapists, and counsellors and for their professionally built team.

Betterhelp for better life!

2. Multiple Options For Therapy

Better Help gives multiple options to its people to avail benefits. From video calls to texts, from live chat to audio calls, and even group counselling sessions, the professionals are available per the comfort of the client. One-on-one basis counselling area is yet to be ruled! But a good usage of electronics, computers or phones, web services, and technology has been made by Better Help.

Betterhelp Therapy Reviews: For the availability of multiple online ways to seek help, Better Help gets 4 Stars!


3. Assistance To Groups

Better Help covers major areas of daily lives and assists several groups.

  • Better Help for offices: To help employees cope with professional and personal stress.
  • Better Help for universities: To help students learn the art of balancing life, and moving ahead to resolve certain issues.
  • Better Help for NPOs: To take care of those who take care of others, selflessly.

Assistance And Betterhelp Counseling Reviews: 3.5 Stars out of 5! They have covered almost everyone. Still many communities, groups, and people are longing for their assistance. Reaching out to them is equally important.


4. Choice of Therapists

Due to a wide network of marriage counselling experts, couples therapy professionals, and expert mental health counsellors, clients can choose. There is no limitation. One can change counsellor as and when required. However, it is advised to discuss things with one expert and trust his/her process. Ultimately, if you aren’t satisfied even after giving some time, you can change. So, when it comes to choice, Better Help is flexible.

Review of Better Help Giving Choices: 5 out of 5 Stars! Because you have the final say!


5. Betterhelp Rates

Better Help costs around $60 and can go up to $90 per week. It offers a better cost than others. It is billed after every 4 weeks. But location and availability of therapists matter in deciding the finance and budget. However, there is good news for those who are undergoing harsh times. Clients with no financial assistance can meet certain requirements and can ask for support. Better Help offers financial help to specific people. Also, one can cancel membership at any time. On the other hand, for the organizations, the cost is $260 monthly. Do you know what all benefits can a member enjoy? Read here:

  • Limitless messaging
  • Live sessions: text, video or audio calls
  • More than 30 webinars by expert psychologists
  • Goal trackers, journals, and other digital tools.

Review of Better Help’s Plan: The cost is genuine. Betterhelp rates are affordable. However, it completely depends upon one’s own budget. But for providing assistance to those who are in need and can’t afford it, Better Help deserves 4.5 Stars!


Why Not Choose the ‘Better Help’ Therapy Platform?

You must be thinking if reviews are good, then why not choose Better Help? We still recommend Better Help for one and all. But for specific people it is a big no! Read below to know more about it-

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1. Those who want face to face therapy: If you are not an online person, avoid it!

2. Those who have an unstable internet: Loss of connectivity means loss of communication. And the interaction between a counsellor and a client is the biggest tool. So, if your internet breaks, your counselling sessions would also break.

3. Those who want help for kids: Better help is for adults. For kids, it can redirect to its sister organization. So, even if the Betterhelp counseling reviews are great, for some, it can be a no!

4. Those who want to avail of insurance benefits: Insurance does not cover Better Help.

5. Those who want medical diagnosis: Many people require severe treatments like psychodynamic and dialectical behavioural therapy, and others. It is not possible through Better Help.

Conclusion: Why Trust Better Help For Counselling?

Image of a patient with mental illness

Better Help is the most efficient and effective therapy platform than others. If we compare the cost and availability of the expert team, Better Help would win any day! Yes, it needs to get better at covering more groups, adding more benefits for the members, and arranging physical sessions for those who want one-on-one communication. However, it can be trusted by those who are struggling with-

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Sleeping issues
  • Trauma
  • Flashbacks
  • Self-esteem, and much more!

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