10 Things That Make Chewy.com The Best Pet Store (Detailed Review)

Emma Watson | May 11th 2022

Read this review blog to know 10 things that make Chewy.com the best pet store! Dear Parents, your pets are in safe hands now!

If you're a pet parent, then you know that keeping your furry friend happy and healthy can be expensive. From their food to toys and to their vet bills, the costs increase quickly. That's where retailers like Chewy.com come in handy. They offer premium quality pet products at affordable prices, making it easy for budget-minded pet parents to keep their pets well fed and entertained. But what makes Chewy.com so special? Keep reading ahead for 10 Things That Make Chewy.com The Best Pet Store (Detailed Review)

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This online pet store has everything your furry friend could possibly require. From food and toys to clothing, to leashes and beds, Chewy has it all. Plus, with unbeatable prices and great deals, so many pet owners are turning to Chewy for all their animal needs! Stick to this Chewy.com review blog for more information on what makes it great and why!

1. Review Of Chewy.com In Terms Of Product Range

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Chewy.com is one of the leading online retailers of pet food and supplies, and for all good reasons. They have almost everything that a pet would require. From toys to food, from vet services to accessories, A to Z of pet life is available. Be it a dog, cat, horse, or any other lovely creature, they will surely offer you recommendations and options when it comes to shopping. So, the first point in the Chewy review is right here, satisfying many pet parents!

2. Satisfying A Horse, Dog, Reptile, And Cat!

A girl with her horse

One of the things that make Chewy.com amazing is their huge selection of horse products, cat and dog products, and farm animals’, reptiles’, birds’, and fish essentials. They have almost everything from supplements to other health products for pets. So, if we choose pet category and review best pet services, we can definitely go with Chewy as it entertains almost all the pets and animals. They also have a knowledgeable and interactive staff that can help us find the right products for our horse, dog, or cat! All in all, Chewy.com takes along all our pets and doesn't differentiate at all.

3. Chewy Promo Code And Deals On High Alert!

A dog playing with his toys

Another great thing about Chewy.com is that they regularly offer promotional codes, deals, and discounts that can help us save money on our purchases. They also have a loyalty program that gives us points for every dollar we spend, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. It is known as Chewy Rewards. Not all stores offer discounts in bulk. So, this is what makes Chewy different and better than others.

4. Easy Shopping At Chewy Retail Store And Online

Puppies going for pet-shop outing!

Chewy.com has a very user-friendly website that makes shopping for the pet easy and enjoyable. In addition to its online presence, Chewy.com also has a retail store presence too. This is a great option if we prefer to shop physically or if we need to grab something immediately. The store is hygienic, clean and well-organized. This is what adds stars to the review of Chewy.com! An organized pet place with no mess is a dream come true!

5. Smooth Customer Service

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After offering convenience, great prices, and a huge selection, they offer outstanding 24x7 customer services too. The customer service team is available to answer any questions or provide assistance with orders. Their team is trained to suggest, guide, and recommend the pet parents. Shopping for kids and pets is usually difficult. Parents do not wish to compromise and buy only the best. That is where Chewy.com’s team comes out for help. From guiding the best pet food or best pet food brands to suggesting tips and tricks for maintaining the health and hygiene of the pets, the super skilled team wins the hearts of the people.

6. Heard About Chewtorials?

Chewy.com is merely not selling. They have a successful YouTube presence and keep bringing Chewtorials to guide pet parents about so many things. You would find interesting videos full of information on their channel. How to bathe a dog? How to crate train a dog? How to introduce a dog to a cat? How to give a cat a pill? If all these topics interest you, then you would know what Chewy.com is doing! They are creating a better, more informative, and more aware world for the people who either wish to keep pets or already have pets.

A video by Chewy on 'How to stop a dog from destructive chewing.'

7. But Is Delivery Speedy?

Well, Chewy gets exhausted when it comes to delivery. Usually delivery is possible within one to three days but the orders that need prescription and approvals take a little longer. So, that waiting period may or may not be appreciated by people. Since it is the most popular, sometimes delays in delivery can be expected.

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Dear Readers, the blog isn’t over yet! Don’t get distracted by this cute little puppy’s GIF! Read ahead to know 10 Things That Make Chewy.com The Best Pet Store (Detailed Review)

8. Chewy Services

A video by Chewy of its 'Disney Collection' for pets

In addition to selling products, Chewy also offers dog walking, grooming, and training services. Pharmacy is anyway great support for the pet parents. This show Chewy is highly concerned for your pet health! They don’t delay, are quick, and extend speedy support when parents are in the utmost requirement.

9. No Hassle While Paying

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Its finance time! Chewy accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and PayPal. They also accept Chewy Gift Cards. Their acceptance of multiple payment options makes it a hassle-free store. This is exactly what customers want. They don’t wish to be directed as per the store. They want their comfort while shopping and paying.

10. Returns Made Easy

Image of a dog mom at the vet

Return is possible within 365 days of purchase. This is a good tenure, making customers develop faith. However, returns and exchanges are not possible on prescription medicines. So, it is advisable to order only the dosage that has been prescribed. In case, the vet stops the medicine or wishes to change, the ones you already have won’t be returned. So, this might be an inconvenience.

Conclusion Of The Review Diaries!

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So if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your pet needs, we highly recommend giving Chewy.com a try. Not only do they carry some of the best brands such as Kong, Nutro, The Disney Collection, American Journey, etc. in the business, but they also offer great deals and coupons that make it easy to save money on your purchase. Now that you have read 10 Things That Make Chewy.com The Best Pet Store (Detailed Review), you must think of making your pet happy!


So now you can rest assured that you and your furry friend are in good hands. Be sure to check out Chewy—you won't be disappointed! Have you tried shopping at Chewy.com? What was your experience like? Let us know:)

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